Club Information

Welcome to Rotary District 5330 PRYDE 2023!  Below is some important information for your club to assist in participating in this year's camp.  Thank you for your continued commitment to Rotary District 5330 and PRYDE!

How to participate in PRYDE

Start by reviewing the PRYDE Info Sheet.  Clubs can participate by sending students from their region to camp.  Individual Rotarians can participate by being a Tribal Elder at camp or bus chaperone to and from camp.  Contact Jackie Chatman, Beth Sanders, or Mary Helen Tuttle for detailed information.

Important Dates

PRYDE 2023 Kick Off Meeting - August 19, 2023

Russo's Italian Restaurant
1335 West Ramsey St., Banning  Directions


Club PRYDE Chairs visit DacDB and find PRYDE on the District Calendar to submit your Reservation Commitment.




Students going to camp - CampDoc Registration Deadline - October 21, 2023

Selected students and alternates (with their parents' help) MUST COMPLETE the Thousand Pines camp registration (including medical and emergency contact information) or they will not be allowed to attend camp.
The link can be found HERE OR on the Student Information page of this website.

(See links at bottom of this page for helpful information on how clubs can select students to attend camp.)

Bus Letters emailed to students 

BUS INFORMATION: Your Rotary club is responsible to have at least one Rotarian at the participants' bus stop at the time of departure on Saturday morning and again upon their return on Sunday afternoon. The bus cannot leave the campers without at least one Rotarian present at the bus stop on Sunday afternoon. Please have a Rotarian there.

Tribal Elder Training - October 21, 2023

(Contact Jackie Chatman for detailed information or go to the Tribal Elder Information page on this website)

Guidelines for Selecting Students

Overview of the Selection Process

Sample Application to Interview

Sample Interview Questions

Sample Interview Evaluation Form

Sample Applicant Selection or Rejection Letter