Student Information

Congratulations on being chosen to attend PRYDE 2023!  You have been selected for this Personal Rotary Youth Development Experience because you have potential to be a leader.  This camp will enhance your personal abilities, and give you the opportunity to meet and share ideas with other leaders.  Our speakers, activities, and discussion groups will provide you with many positive and helpful approaches to personal growth.

Rotarians are looking forward to sharing the PRYDE experience with you.  While at camp, behave in a manner your parents and sponsoring Rotarians would be proud.

Begin by reviewing the PRYDE Fact Sheet with your parents.  Next, follow the steps below for registration and review the additional information provided for both you and your parents.  Please read each section carefully and fill out any forms required so you don't miss out on this once in a lifetime, life-changing event!  See you at camp!

Registration Information

In order for you to attend camp, you and your parents must register your personal and medical information BEFORE October 21, 2023

Before registering, read the Camp Doc Instructions carefully.

CLICK HERE and complete ALL information.  Again, if there is any missing information, you may not be eligible to attend camp.

Once you have completed your registration, you will receive an email the week before camp letting you know where and when to meet the bus on Saturday morning.

What to bring to camp

There are a few essentials that you'll need for camp and we've created a list for you.  Be careful not to over pack.  You will be carrying all of your personal belongings to your cabin when you arrive at camp and it may be quite a hike!

All campers will be issued a pull-over sweatshirt to be worn throughout the entire time at camp, but a cold weather jacket is encouraged for activities at night.

Bus Information

Bus schedules will be determined soon.

Emergency Contact Information for Parents

In case of an emergency, your child may be contacted through:

Thousand Pines Camp

359 Thousand Pines Road, Crestline, CA 92325

888-423-2267 Phone

Messages other than for emergencies will not be accepted.